Compass adjustment

Compass adjustment & adjusters

I am a trained ship’s master, graduated from the nautical school, Marstal Navigationsskole, and I have more than 25 years’ experience. I provide the following services within compass adjustment and compass adjusters:

  • Approved Compass Adjustment
  • Approved compass adjustment and re-swinging with subsequent preparation of stamped deviation table for all vessels/ships – all across Denmark as well as worldwide
  • Annual inspection of replacement magnetic compass. This service must be ordered well in advance
  • Topping up of compass oil. This service must be ordered well in advance
  • Pursuant to the Danish consolidated act on Directions for Shipbuilding and Equipment, the magnetic compass must be certified and meet specified standards. The certificate must be renewed in the event of compass repair. It shall be the Master’s responsibility to ensure the validity of the certificate and, likewise, the certificate shall be accessible to authorities at all times.

All ships of a gross register tonnage of 150 and above as well as passenger ships of all sizes, shall have a replacement magnetic compass of a similar quality or of such standards as to replace the compass required for the purpose of ensuring the performance of the functions. It may be up to three months before the magnetism of a new ship has become constant.

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Compass adjusters deviation card

Legislative requirements as to when the compass should be adjusted

  • If the compass becomes unstable
  • As a minimum every second year
  • In connection with compass replacement
  • In connection with the topping-up of compass oil
  • In connection with the installation of new instruments
  • After the ship having been in dock
  • In connection with major rebuilds
  • After the ship’s decommission for a longer period of time
  • In connection with several severe dockings
  • Strokes of lightning close to the ship
  • New adjustment required if deviation > 5 degrees
  • Re-swinging required if deviation in observation log > 3
  • Degrees from table
  • The ship’s cargo
  • Local circumstances
  • Panama Canal < 7 degrees