ROV SERVICE – up to 100-metre depths

ROV SERVICE, 100-metre depths

I provide ROV service across the entire country. The ROV is capable of diving at depths up to 100 metres, and it has a cable length of 200 metres.

The ROV service is performed using a ROV which is equipped with a camera for video footage. Excellent picture quality.

Our ROV is equally well suited for large as well as small harbours.

When should you consider ROV service?

Do you suspect rot or wear and tear of:

  • Bung planks
  • Pontoon bridges
  • Gangways
  • Bollards (also see pile driving)
  • Piers
  • Buoys/floats (also see buoy/float services)
  • Zinc anodes on bung planks, buoys/floats and vessel/ship
  • Is there a boulder in the way, or perhaps a shipwreck?
  • Inspection of ship’s bottoms

The ROV’s direct camera represents a swift and easy solution
Contact us to learn more about our ROV and other services within harbour service.

Nautisk Multiservice XP 3095

Length: 12.65 m
Width: 4.95 m
Draught: 1.30 m
Motor: 200 hp
Cranes: 2000 kg